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Moving and insurance claims, antique restoration and preservation, on-site touch-up, refinishing chair repair and re-gluing, kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Moving & Insurance Claims? We have been servicing the moving industry since 1995 and have been a member of the CPPC since 1998. Complete Claim & Furniture Service prides itself in customer service. What sets us apart from other restoration companies is the service you will receive. From the moment we receive your claim until the customer is satisfied; we will keep you and your customer aware of the status of the claim and will expedite the process to eliminate wasted time.

Antique Restoration and Preservation? We look at your family heirloom and antique with preservation in mind. Many times we can restore a piece without having to completely refinish or remove the old finish. By doing this, in most cases you can maintain the integrity and value of the item. Unfortunately, refinishing is often the only method of preservation to a damaged or badly used heirloom. When this is the requirement, rest assured, we will do the maximum restoration with the minimum amount of intrusion into the piece.

We are asked whether refinishing will lose the value of an antique. Many times it will and having the ability to recognize when this will occur is what we pride ourselves in. Refinishing is the best method to restore a piece when detoriation is occurring due to a poor quality finish. What this means, is by doing nothing or minor preservation, the piece will continue to break down and within a few years, may have little or no value. When this is the case, refinishing should occur to preserve the integrity of the piece.

Often at times, refinishing is done when a piece is just considered a family keepsake and not an antique for value. This is usually done on family pieces that have more sentimental value than, and to a lesser extent, antique value. These pieces can be passed down to family members and may become the antiques of tomorrow.

On Site Touch up? On site touch up is an art form that takes many years of practice and skill. This is the art of remedying a damaged area on a piece of furniture, whether new or antique, without having to transport it into our shop. This requires skill in color and material matching. Many times we can restore gouges, nicks, scratches and some broken areas by doing an on-site repair. We have the skills, training and tools to make this happen in your home. Our trucks are loaded with the latest in restoration products and materials to assist in this process.

Complete Refinishing? We offer this service as a method to repair and restore furniture that has a badly damaged finish. This can occur due to age, fire, water, and even normal wear. This normally can be done for less than the cost of purchasing new, on quality pieces. This process includes removing the old finish, whether sanding or stripping, staining to your choice of color or matching to original, and then applying finish coats to bring out the beauty of the wood.

Chair Repair and Regluing? After years of use and normal wear, glue joints can become loose and worn. When this occurs, we can reglue your chairs back to their original strength. If a chair has broken and fallen apart, we can restore the broken area through spot repair and then reglue. Cane and rush chairs can have damaged sections replaced.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinish? This can add great value to your home. This is best done when your kitchen has quality doors and wood. We can come in and remove the old finish and stain the wood to a more contemporary or up to date color. This includes glazing and painting.

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